Artist Irina SHUMSKAYA is his Paintings and Graphics.

Participant of numerous exhibitions, creates works in the style of decorative graphics. Works are original with a unique ornament. The themes of the works are diverse: chess, flowers, women’s images, space, still lifes, portraits, etc.

Graduated from Moscow College of arts and crafts and Moscow state University. Sholokhov.

He exhibited his paintings in the Central house of artists, gallery “Motherland”, the gallery “Summertime”, gallery “Art-room” at the Museum of Fashion in the Arena, the Museum of Art Deco, CHA, the Ostrovsky Museum, in the gallery “Golden Calypso” in the Louvre, the gallery “na Kashirke”. And also: participated in the exhibition “Revolution” Cuba, in the exhibition “Healthy image” ARTPLAY, was a solo exhibition in “GoldenHole” and other numerous exhibitions in Russia and the world!

In 2006, she joined the Union of schedules of Russia.

2014 – the artist on registration of the magazine “Literary drawing room”.
2015 – exhibition in the gallery “Summertime”.
2014 – 2015 collaborated with Dubo, Rama (poster gallery).
since 2015 – cooperates with the company for the production of mosaics.
since 2015 – collaborates with the gallery “Art-living room”.
2017 – exhibition dedicated to Coco Chanel at the fashion Museum.
2017 – participation in the exhibition “Golden ring of Russia-50 years” in the Arena.
since 2017 – collaborates with the art Deco Museum.

Paintings and graphic works are in private collections in new York, Samara, Moscow, as well as in the Fund of the magazine “Entourage”.

Engaged in the creation of decorative graphics for over 20 years. Cooperates with different companies that are engaged in: printing on posters, creating mosaics for the interior, printing on silk, creating paper and textile products, etc.

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